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  • Can I change my Sponsor / Upline and sign up under someone else?

    The Distributor Policies & Procedures that you agree to at the time of sign-up prohibit changing sponsors. The only time you can change your Sponsor is if you let your account go inactive by not placing any orders for a six-month period. After those six months have passed, you may re-enrol under a new sponsor.

  • Where can I find a list of ingredients that are included in SeneGence’s products?

    Visit the products section of and select a product you would like to learn more about. On each individual product page there is an ingredients page you can easily access to view a full ingredient list of what is included in each product.

  • Can adjustments be made to an order after it’s been placed?

    Orders can only be cancelled if it’s in a “Ready to Ship” status.

  • How do I become a significant seneseller ($$$)?

    If you place a 750 cumulative PV order (minimum) each month for 3 consecutive months. After initially qualifying, Independent Distributors remain members of the $$$ Program indefinitely if monthly 750 PV requirement continues to be met.

  • What does my order status mean?

    · Ready to Ship = The payment and order has been accepted
    · In Progress = A label has been created and the warehouse is working on the order
    · Shipped Partial = Order has shipped and a tracking # appears, some items in the order may have gone out of stock, but in stock items —will still be sent
    · Shipped Complete = Entire order has shipped and a tracking # appears.

  • What would cause my account to go inactive?

    Failure to meet a purchase of a minimum of 100 PV ($200 USD retail value) of commissionable product, per each successive, rolling six-month period following your last purchase. Please note we offer a 30-day grace period once you become inactive, so that you can be reinstated. Information around the inactive policy can be found under the Distributor Policy and Procedures.

    Section 2 M:  Distributor Status minimum product purchase to maintain distributorship.

  • Can adjustments be made to an order after it’s been placed?

    We do everything in our power to ensure your order processes with our shipping department as quickly as possible. Because of this, we are unable to make changes to your order once it has been successfully placed.

  • Can I ship products to Customers outside my home country?

    No, products may only be resold by an Independent Distributor in the country in which he or she is registered as an Independent Distributor. More information can be found under the Distributor Policy and Procedures Section 9 C: Purchase/Sale of Product
    Direct purchase and sale requirement.

  • SeneBucks vs SeneCash

    SeneBucks: a credit measurement awarded to Independent Distributors who qualify for an array of incentives; used for product purchases (not redeemable for cash). SeneBucks are awarded in retail value amounts and have no PV associated with them. 
    SeneCash: commissions earned on Customer Direct Order (CDO), Kiss & Tell retail sale profits, weekly Downline Commission payouts and monthly Group Sales Volume (GSV) Bonuses. 
  • Where can I locate my tracking number?

    Go into your Back Office under Business > Order History > click the Order ID

  • Go into your Back Office under Business & Order History & click the Order ID

    Go into the Back Office under Business > Customers > Customer Direct Ordering Program. Click “OPT IN NOW” then complete the section listed under Customer Direct Ordering/Preferred Customer (CDO/PC).

  • My product is damaged/I have a Quality Concern

    Please contact SeneCare via phone at 949-860-1860 or email us at to speak with one of our agents within 30- days of receiving the product.

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